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Our school has been serving the Metro Detroit area for over 30 years. In that time, we have worked with seniors and patients in most of southeast Michigan’s hospitals, teenagers with Cranbrook's Horizons Upward Bound program, and a wide ranging demographic of everyday people at our 24 satellite locations and at our main Academy. We have gone through many changes over the past 30 years, and are pleased to have the privilege to be known as Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy Detroit.

In 1935, the first Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy was founded in Shanghai by grandmaster Wu Chien-ch'uan, who was a member of the distinguished faculty of the first institution to ever teach Tai Chi Chuan publicly.

Our instructors are certified to teach at Advanced Level by the International Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Federation, and we carry on the tradition of the first Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy, founded over 80 years ago, by providing traditional instruction in a calm environment.

The following paragraphs were written by grandmaster Wu Kung-tsao in the Wu family Tai Chi Chuan treatise:

"Introduction to the main features of Wu style Tai Chi Chuan

The 108 posture empty hand form routine is the essence. Regular practice strengthens bones and muscles, and moderates the circulatory system. This is confirmed by modern medical studies. Tai Chi Chuan not only prevents disease, but is an effective treatment for many existing illnesses. Preventing disease and prolonging life, Tai Chi Chuan nourishes one’s vitality.

Two person pushing hands is the application. The methodology follows the Tai Chi principle of movement and stillness. Applications are expressed through the subtle transformations that occur between fullness and emptiness. Applications use the principles of psychology and physics. Softness overcomes hardness, and hardness reinforces softness.

Anyone can study Tai Chi Chuan. Movements of the form are purely natural. Long-term perseverance brings profound benefits."

about The late grandmaster Wu Ta-hsin and grandmaster Eddie Wu Kwong-yu visit Wu's Tai Chi Academy Detroit 1995