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Starter Sampler

New to Tai Chi? Pay a one time fee and come to as many Beginner or Seniors classes as you like, for one week. This offer can only be used once per person.
$30 Unlimited Beginner and 5 Steps for Health classes for 7 days – LIVE classes only
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5 Steps for Health

This unique class draws on different aspects of the Tai Chi syllabus to create a routine that targets specific health challenges. It is designed to increase circulation to the extremities and improve balance, blood oxygen saturation, and coordination, without putting undue stress on the body. We have been teaching variations this routine in hospitals and senior centers for over 30 years.
1 class ( drop in ) $15 for LIVE classes, by donation for Jitsi classes
12 class pass - $150
free for Members and Disciples
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Tai Chi Traditional

Start from the beginning and learn Tai Chi Chuan in the manner that it has been passed down through the generations. Upon completion of Beginner and Intermediate level courses, students can become members of the academy and participate in open training sessions as well as special topics classes.
$120 / month for unlimited classes - prorated the 1st month only
Family & Student Rate $85
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tai chi traditional

Beginner Level - Live Classes Only

The 108 posture hand form is the core of Tai Chi Chuan and this class. The hand form takes every joint in your body through its full natural rotation, while improving balance and coordination, increasing circulation, and providing the foundation for the complete Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan syllabus. The beginner breakdown is taught one on one, or in small groups, at each student's individual pace.
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Intermediate Level - Live and Jitsi classes

After learning the hand form, students are free to attend the Intermediate classes. Here students will learn 3 variations of pushing hands ( two person scripted exercises ), Chi Kung, and refinements to their hand form.
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Academy Membership - Live and Jitsi classes

After demonstrating the knowledge learned from the Beginner and Intermediate classes, students can become full members of the Academy. Members have access to open training times and members only classes, including advanced form refinement, chi kung, pushing hands, weapons forms, applications, and teaching Tai Chi.
$75/month for Member and 5 Steps for Health classes/week
Family Rate $75 and $45; Student Rate $45
Disciple: LIVE and Jitsi classes
$75/month for Member, Disciple and 5 Steps for Health classes/week
Family Rate $75 and $45; Student Rate $45
Special Topics: Weapons classes
$60/month for Live classes (sword and saber included)
$40/month for Jitsi classes with Instructor Permission (sword and saber included)
Disciple Only
Disciples Class only – for Disciples whose primary training location is not WTTCAD $50/month
For attendance at Intermediate/Directed Training – LIVE and Jitsi (with permission of their Sifu) in addition to Disciples class. Weapons classes are additional as above and with permission of their Sifu. $75/month
Long Distance Disciples: all Jitsi classes $75/month
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